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June 8, 2017
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July 25, 2017
Winter Fashion

Winter Clothing Trends for Girls

Keep your little one both warm and stylish this winter with these adorable winter trends for girls. From leggings to coats, stockings to skirts – there are a whole lot of winter trends to keep your girl warm, stylish and adorable all winter long!

Have a look at some of our favourite winter trends, perfect for play dates and days out.

winter clothing

  • One of the most important steps to creating a stunning winter wardrobe is to ensure you know what colours are trending in winter. We’ve done the work for you, Ballet peony pink: A beautiful colour to add to any outfit. A powerful colour too, representing strength and grace. What’s better than having your little one looking like a classical ballerina!
  • A stunning trend right now is the “vintage flower”. A great reminder that spring will be here soon and an elegant and playful touch to any outfit! If it’s a skirt like above, pair it with matching cable-knit stockings.

winter clothing

  • Yellow is that pop of colour you need to add to your little one’s winter wardrobe. Yellow represents happiness, energy and eliminates the dullness of winter!
  • Velvet fabric is ruling the Winter 2017 fashion season, its soft and warm handle makes it perfect for girls long sleeve tops and dresses. Velvet is also seen in cute accessories such as handbags, scarfs, hair ribbons and little shoes.
  • The key to keep your little one both snug and stylish this winter lies in layers! Layering is a great way to ensure that your little one will be warm enough for all her favourite activities and it’s a major winter trend. A yellow skirt paired with cable-knit stockings, a long sleeve velvet top, stunning coat and top it all off with some sneakers!

winter clothing

  • The “vintage flower” trend is quite versatile. It works well in a peony pink skirt but works just as well with darker based fabrics such as navy, green and charcoal. This pairs beautifully with dark jeans and a berry red patent leather boot!
  • Berry red is a lovely winter colour trend. Perfect to make an appearance in your little ones accessories such as: bows, backpacks, scarves, boots and more!

Which is your favourite winter trend?


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