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You will love our list of top games and apps for kids since gadgets and gizmos are being widely used by kids of all ages. Now, you can keep your kids busy and inspired with phone apps that combine fun and education.

Technology, nowadays, enables you to download worthwhile and beneficial apps and games for your child, which will help them with Phonics, Early Math skills, Finger Counting, Health and Hygiene guidance and more!

We have found some apps, you’ll find both helpful and beneficial to any growing toddler.

Top Games and Apps for Kids

Ages: 3 years- 6 years

For young children, it would be advisable to get apps that will teach them life skills and valuable lessons. For example, the health and hygiene app encourages kids to brush their teeth for at least two minutes, twice a day, using fun and illustrated visuals.

Since animation and visually attractive illustrations keep young kids interested, this app has appealing tips and videos on how to brush properly and more.

To help your toddler arrange and sort items according to shape, colour and likeness, get Deluxe Sorter!


Top Games and Apps for Kids

Also there are a number of innovative and educational apps that can teach your little one time.

Most of these apps use a lot of colour and allows young kids to discover what makes a day, how the sun’s movement causes shadows and more! So advanced is this app that it also teaches your child how to tell the time using both analogue and digital clocks.

We also suggest Spot-the-Difference games because they are great in helping kids develop analytical and critical thinking skills.


Top Games and Apps for Kids

Kids in this age group are a bit more particular about the kind of games and educational activities they want to engage in. Experts have hinted that the best mobile apps for teens should be those that provide a “rich world of entertainment for their growing minds.”

Parents, remember that kids in this age group need to be given clear rules on how to use smartphones since they have more comprehension. Keep a close eye to their online behaviour as well as the amount of time they spend on the app.

To jog their problem-solving skills, get an excellent educational app called DragonBox Elements. It is a geometry game packed with over 100 challenging puzzles.

One of our favourite helpful apps is Marble Math, a fun math practice game great for improving basic math skills.

Subway Surfers is an exciting runner mobile game which will keep your teen both entertained and out of trouble!


Top Games and Apps for Kids

Ice Age Village is a certain favourite with the teens. The game will see the player embarking on a fun and frozen journey through the Ice Age universe! The game features all the animals like raccoons, sharks, monkeys, dinosaurs and many more.

Top Games and Apps for Kids

So next time you are looking for recreational toys for your kids, look no further than your App Store for the latest educational apps and games!

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