Save on Kids Clothes | Have a Clothes Swapping Party!

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Save on Kids Clothes

This may seem like a strange concept but a clothes swapping party includes a great lot of fun and socializing in a new and exciting way!

What is a clothes swapping party?

While kids are growing up so fast sometimes you find yourself looking in their cupboard and realise they’ve worn a couple items of clothing only once or twice and it no longer fits! A clothes swap party is an opportunity to socialise with friends and family while copping new clothes for your little one, without breaking the bank. Remember the saying one mans trash is another man treasure? A clothes swap party is where you and each attendee bring an agreed amount of clothes or accessories. All of the items are fair trade; you can borrow, swap, barter or donate the items you bring – for items that an attendee has brought.

How to host a clothes swapping party:
  1. Decide which of your kid’s clothes and accessories you would like to swap. Maybe you would like to swap toys too?
  2. Invite 10-15 people to ensure there is wide variety of clothes, accessories etc
  3. Set a minimum amount – ask each guest to bring at least 10 items.
  4. If you’re hosting decide whether you will be catering for the event. If catering works out to be too expensive, ask each guest to bring a beverage and dish to be shared amongst the guests.
  5. Label off sections in the room the swapping will happen into different sections. Making it easier for your guests to put their items into the relevant sections. E.g. Clothes, toys, accessories etc.
  6. Once your guests arrive, enjoy the beverages that have been brought and enjoy great conversation. Don’t forget to have some up-tempo music in the background to set the mood!
  7. Allow at least 30 minutes for swapping time – giving each guest the opportunity to have a thorough look through all the items. Have a set time on your invitation: Swapping will start at 14:00 and end at 14:30.
  8. Celebrate afterwards with munching and chatting while the kids play with their new toys and friends!

Note: If there are any leftover items donate these to an orphanage or some in need!

Have you ever hosted or attended a clothes swap party? What made the event special?


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