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October 16, 2017
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Little-Known – YouTube series

Hey, mom! Did you know, you can now keep the kids both entertained and educated with some outstanding kid-friendly YouTube series.

With the ever-growing use of social media, it is inevitable that your kids will be exposed to the internet. So, it is with that thought that we are in full support of exposing your kids to the internet in the form of useful, fun and insightful children’s shows on YouTube.

Best for Kids supports the use of YouTube as a hosting for video content that aims to educate and entertain young children.

Make sure you log in and subscribe to YouTube Kids, which gives your children a relaxed option to watch their favourite programmes or explore anything that captures their imagination.

And get this… it’s free, simple to use and full of family-friendly videos! We’ve listed our favourite five kid-friendly YouTube programmes your kids can watch… perfect for their curious little minds.

Next time you want to have the kids entertained but also safe on the internet, then check out these below options.

Little-Known – YouTube series

  • Kids TV: Kids TV is not only educational, but it’s also highly entertaining. Your little one will love their animated nursery rhymes, which will help them learn about numbers, the alphabet and much more!


  • Raindrop Cartoon: Are you looking for an adventure series for your young one? Then look no further, Raindrop is a cartoon for you! It follows the adventures of a drop of water and his besties… interesting don’t you think?! Have a look at it today!


  • Speekaboos: This channel is great for young children who are learning how to read and for literacy skills. It will help them explore and discover the books they love and allow them to enjoy reading at a young age.
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