A Special Treat for the Whole Family | Visit a Chocolatier in Pretoria

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June 8, 2017
chocolatier in Pretoria

Visit a Chocolatier in Pretoria

Learn how to become a chocolatier in Pretoria! For a sweet delight with the family why not become a Chocolatier for a day at Snyman Sjokalateur!  Providing fun chocolate-filled kids activities like learning how to make chocolate in a variety of ways. The very best in kid’s entertainment!

Visit website here: http://www.snymanchocolates.com

Snyman Sjokalateur, based in Pretoria East, is a specialised family-owned chocolatier business. At the top of the list for kid friendly places! All their staff have been trained by a master chocolatier in Belgium and as we all know Belgium is the chocolate capital of the world!

chocolatier in Pretoria

Charmingly known for their handmade praline chocolates perfect for corporate gifts, an indulgent treat at an event or you might have spotted their goodies at Chocolate and Wine tastings or the Coffee and Chocolate expo held at Montecasino.

Don’t worry if you have missed out any of these expos they will be back at the Coffee and Chocolate Expo in July, find out more here: http://www.coffeechoc.co.za/

Snyman Sjokalateur offers a variety of workshops for the whole family to take part in and of course, indulge!

Kiddie’s workshops are both educational and tasty! Kids as young as 3 years old can participate in this activity. They will divide the kids based on age and a specialised workshop will be planned. For starters they will teach you how the different types of chocolates are made, for instance, Snyman’s chocolate recipes are made up of dark chocolate (55% cocoa powder), milk chocolate (32% cocoa) and white chocolate (23% white cocoa butter).

chocolatier in Pretoria

Kiddies will then have the opportunity to taste the chocolate and based on the theme of the party or workshop will then be able to make their own chocolate that they get to take home as a party pack! Over Easter, they run a theme-specific workshop where the kids can learn how to make the Easter hollow bunny.

chocolatier in Pretoria

Snyman Sjokalateur also offers exciting and enjoyable workshops and services such as:

Kids Parties: Where kids will learn how to make a unique and mouth-watering hot chocolate.

Adult workshops: Adults will learn how to work with handmade chocolate. Piping, letter writing and ganache-making are all on the menu!

For all your booking and inquiries contact here: info@snymanchocolates.com

Take your family and friends for a delectable treat at Snyman Sjokalateur. Professional staff, a great vibe and who wouldn’t want to smell, taste and work with chocolate all day! You won’t regret it!





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